Want a Service Mailer where you can actually measure ROI?

A complete 12 month campaign includes web-based, password
protected tracking tool with 12 detailed reporting options

    Target Lost and Inactive Customers or Conquest No History Customers.

    Reactivate your old service parts and repair customers that live in your DMS with specific, trackable targeted offers designed to bring you trackable results!

    Automotive Checkbook Mailer

    12 Month Long Custom Designed Campaign!

    Each campaign comes with complete custom design for your brand, manufacturer and vehicles

    Incentivized Redemption Offers

    7-day resort vacation with Studio Suite accommodations incentivizes check-book activation

    Fully OEM Co-opable!

    Our Mailers are covered by most vehicle manufacturers co-op programs!

    Personalized Explainer Letters

    Each Customer gets a full color personalized letter explaining the program, with QR activation code

    See what people are saying about Car Care Checks.

    Our happy customers have a lot to say about our products and services!

    Crystal Suarez and Car care Checks get measurable results fast!!! It’s that simple.

    Over the last 20 years in Fixed Operations management, I have used many forms of “creative” and “innovative” advertising and lead generation services; all with varied levels of success. As a result of Crystals efforts with the car Care Checks program, my standards and expectations for building RO counts have increased exponentially. I can’t believe that I used to be happy with a 2.0-2.5% return on direct mail!!… the actual results experienced by our mutual clients are significantly higher!

    As an account manager Crystal is hands on, providing ongoing, consistent communication with Service Mangers as well as Owners and Principals from the concept stage all the way through production and ROI tracking. In every instance the Checkbooks have produced masses of Lost Soul customers AND Conquest customers for our departments to work with, all of which have recovered their initial investment well before 30 days of program launch leaving the remaining 11 months of the program 100% profit! This program is retention on steroids, and it is VERY easy to implement and track… even the advisors love it!

    I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to build their business in Fixed!

    Tony DeLeonibus of Jim Shorkey Toyota

    Tony DeLeonibus

    Jim Shorkey Toyota

    Crystal is the only person I trust enough based on the results she gets and her track record to recommend her to my very best clients. So far the results have been very encouraging to the dealer as early returns indicate the short and long term results will generate new customers, bring back long time customers that had previously been deemed lost, and help dealers increase retention making them very happy with their investment.

    She takes a very active role from the very first meeting with her clients and demonstrates a level of commitment unmatched by anyone I have previously dealt with in the automobile dealership environment. Thank you Crystal!!

    John Spanos

    John Spanos

    AutoMotivation LLC